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Why buy a campervan at Blacksheep Van? Between comfort, discretion and affordable prices, the vans have more than one asset to seduce. The campervan offers many advantages, which is why this mode of travel attracts more and more followers. The two founders of Blacksheep Van, two friends passionate about mountains and outdoor sports, understood this well! The van is the ideal tool to live adventures and easily practice all its outdoor activities. To satisfy you and meet your needs, we provide you with a site on which you can find theused campervan of your dreams. Extended warranty,wide choice of vehicles… We give you 7 good reasons to be tempted by thepurchase of a campervan at Blacksheep Van.

1. A financing solution with extended warranty included

Why buy a campervan at Blacksheep Van? First of all because we offer you an exclusive financing solution to finance yourused campervan up to 15 years! You can therefore acquire a magnificent Volkswagen California and spread all or part of your financing for 15 years. Control your budget and benefit from tailor-made monthly payments.

En choisissant de souscrire à notre solution de financement, vous aurez également la possibilité de bénéficier d’une extension de garantie incluse. Lorsqu’on achète un van aménagé d’occasion, on cherche la sécurité et la sérénité. En effet, ce n’est jamais agréable de rencontrer des pépins sur la route et de ne pas pouvoir profiter d’un dédommagement. C’est pour cela qu’on vous propose une extension de garantie incluse dans notre solution de financement, permettant ainsi de couvrir votre véhicule, que ce soit au niveau du moteur, du frigo, du toit, du chauffage stationnaire… Plutôt pratique pour envisager l’acquisition de votre futur van, n’est-ce pas ? 😉

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2. Possible test of your future used campervan before buying

We know that you are still wondering why it would be interesting tobuy a van at Blacksheep Van, a little patience, the rest is coming! Indeed, if you hesitate to buy aused campervan, you have the opportunity to test your future vehicle in our Blacksheep agencies. In anticipation of a purchase, you can also rent the model you like within our agencies. This will allow you to reassure yourself about driving and using the vehicle.

Contact us for more information on this subject by phone at: 09 51 38 88 15 or by email at

3. The purchase of your future campervan near you

We are well aware that thepurchase of a campervan represents time and availability to visit the agencies and learn about the models, it is not easy! At Blacksheep Van, we wanted to simplify your life and avoid long trips; Indeed, we put our used vans on sale in several of our agencies throughout France, near you.

Let yourself be tempted by thepurchase of a campervan in the following agencies:

Make an appointment to visit the stocks on site in an agency.

4. Find the used campervan of your dreams (Mercedes Marco Polo, Grand California…)

Sur le site internet dédié à la vente de vans d’occasion de Blacksheep Van, on vous propose des vans aménagés récents (entre 1 et 2 ans) au faible kilométrage (25 000 km). 200 véhicules prévus pour la vente sont en stock dans nos agences réparties dans toute la France à l’heure où on vous parle 😉

Our mission is to offer you a wide range of vans that will meet your needs and desires.

Indeed, several choices are available to you when you connect to our website for a purchase of campervan:

5. An easy and fast buying process

Une nouvelle acquisition peut souvent se révéler longue et fastidieuse. Chez Blacksheep Van, notre processus d’achat se déroule en 5 étapes ! Plutôt simple, non ? 😉


You contact us via our social networks(Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin),by phone at 09 78 31 81 18 or by email at

Customer advice

We answer your questions and provide you with all the necessary advice to meet your needs. We also accompany you in this phase of reflection.

Validation of the vehicle and terms and conditions

We validate together the campervan you have decided to buy and we determine the terms of acquisition and delivery.

4 ° Signature of the quote and payment of the deposit

You validate the sales quote with any options (bike carrier / hitch …) and pay us a deposit cashed of 10% when you book your vehicle.

Delivery and balance of the campervan

Delivery of the vehicle on a date that will have been determined in advance together. You pay us the balance when you deliver your campervan.

6. Our vans: discretion, comfort and freedom guaranteed

When you go on a road trip in a campervan, a multitude of advantages are available to you. Indeed, our vans are compact and can move discreetly. Don’t worry, you will be able to ride in peace. Our vans are also easy to drive as they are tailored for the road and easy to handle. In addition, going on the road with our vans is also the opportunity to go on an adventure in contact with nature and escape away from the crowds. Finally, our large vans such as the Grand California for example, guarantee you a certain comfort if you go with family or friends: shower and integrated toilet.

7. An investment for resale

When you make an acquisition of a campervan, you ask yourself many questions, however you do not always consider the resale of the vehicle.

Indeed, our fleet of vans is made up of brands with a worldwide reputation (Volkswagen, Mercedes, Renault …). These well-known brands have the particularity of working with large distribution networks: this will make the resale of your vehicle easier.

In addition, our vans put up for sale are recent, whether in terms of finish or layouts. Their modernity will then serve as a strong argument to realize a capital gain on resale.

On espère que cet article “Pourquoi acheter un van aménagé chez Blacksheep Van ?” vous aura été utile dans votre recherche d’informations sur la vente de vans d’occasion chez Blacksheep Van 😊 

If you are interested in buying a used van from us, do not hesitate to contact us by phone at: 09 78 31 81 18 or by email at

See you soon!

27 September 2021