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Why renting a van is the best idea when you are a kitesurfer!

Why renting a van is the best idea when you are a kitesurfer! 150 150 Blacksheep Van

Why renting a van is the best idea when you are a kitesurfer!

Summer has been on for a while now, and the season of road-trips too! Can you think of anything better than getting onboard a campervan and drive to the best kite spots around? We can’t… So today, we wanted to share with you a few reasons why renting a (Blacksheep) van is the best idea you can have if you have a regular kite surfer, or if you want to just want to spend active holidays!


The wind can be a little temperamental

If you practice kitesurf, you know what we’re talking about. The wind forecast can change very quickly, and sometimes when wind is supposed to blow, it just doesn’t. So being mobile surely is the best idea so that you can always drive to the nearest spots where the wind is blowing !

You will always be front row

Like we said, the wind is a little hot-headed sometimes, so you always have to be on the lookout. But it is not always easy when you have to take the car to go to the spot, you can easily miss a wind slot because of traffic or if you have to drive for a little while to get there. With a campervan, you will always be the closest you can be from the spot, so that you can be ready when the wind arrives.

No time pressure!

Since your little home on wheels will be, on the farthest, on the parking lot, you will have literally zero time pressure, and thus be able to enjoy the wind until it stops blowing (or the sun sets)! And even if there is no wind, you will have a super comfortable van to enjoy the landscapes and rest while you wait for the wind !

A super spacious vehicle

Kites, boards, pumps… All of that equipments takes quite a lot of space, especially when the conditions are changing and that you need all of your array of kites to be sure you can ride. In our campervans, you will be able to stock a few kites and boards, while still being able to fully enjoy and live in the rest of the vehicle.

Discovering the largest number of spots, in minimum time

When you rent a house or an apartment, you will tend to stay in a defined area. The advantage of renting a Blacksheep van when you kite surf, is that it is going to be super easy to change spots every day. And we all know there’s nothing better than discovering a new spot to get better !

Meeting new people

Since you will be super close to the spots, you will easily be able to exchange with the locals and learn more about the specificities of the places, and even perhaps discover their secrets! Kitesurfing is a sport where you easily meet people (not always easy to launch your kite on your own, right? 😉), and the van is also a perfect way to start a conversation. A fresh beer, toes in the sand after a good session with your new mates, dreamy right?

We hope we managed to convince the kite surfer in you to try the vanlife experience, and taste freedom! We promise, you won’t regret it 😎