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It’s summer, the road-trip season, and what better way to go than to go in search of the best kite spots in a converted van? Today we will share with you some reasons why renting a (Blacksheep) van is one of the best ideas you can have if you practice kite regularly or want to spend an active holiday!

The wind is a bit wayward

If you practice kite, you know what we’re talking about. Wind forecasts are very changeable, and sometimes misleading. So being mobile is really the best to be always close to good spots where it blows!

You’ll always be in the front row

As you have been told, the wind is capricious, so you always have to be on the alert. Not always easy when you have to take the car to get to the spot, it can lead to miss a niche if you ever have a little road. With a van, you’re always as close as possible to be ready as soon as it starts to blow.

No time constraints

Since your accommodation will be as far away as possible in the parking lot, you will have absolutely zero hourly constraints, and you will be able to enjoy the wind until it stops blowing (or the sun goes down)! And if it doesn’t blow, you have a comfortable van to enjoy the scenery while waiting for it to rise!

The maximum space

Kite wings, mine of nothing, it takes up space, especially if the wind does not blow every day the same and they have to provide all the paraphernalia to be sure to be able to ride. In our vans, you will have ample room to store several wings, while being largely comfortable to enjoy the rest of the layout!

Discover as many spots as possible in a minimum of time

When you rent a hard-core apartment, you will tend to stay within a defined perimeter. The advantage of renting vans when you’re kiteding is also the opportunity to test a new spot every day! And what better way to gain level than to test many spots!

Create meetings

Since you will be as close as possible to the spots, you will also be able to discuss with the locals and discover all the specifics of the place, and even discover secrets! Kite remains a sport of exchange (not always easy to take off your wing alone, right?), and the van is also a perfect support to allow you to create a bond. An aperitif with your feet in the sand after a good session, it’s still a dream?

10 December 2020