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Rent your van in Madrid and go for a road trip across Spain and Europe

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Rent your van in Malaga and go for a road trip across Spain and Europe

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How does it work?

Find all the answers to your questions about our rental vans and minibuses equipped.

1. CHOOSE your departure city
2. CHOOSE your vehicle
3. CHOOSE your options

Rentals include 200km per day (ex. I rent 7 days, I have 1400km included). Need more miles? Choose the Unlimited kilometers option !
The minimum rental period is 3 days, except in July and August when it is 7 days.
In July-August, rentals are from Saturday morning to Friday night.

50% when booking, paid online via the booking system or by calling us to +33 (0)9 51 38 88 15
The online payment is secured by Stripe
The balance will be paid on site upon departure (CB (Visa and Mastercard only) and cash are accepted)

The comprehensive insurance, repatriation throughout Europe and the multi-state are included
The deposit is 2500 euros, by check or credit card imprint
The franchise is 2,000 euros. This amount corresponds to your financial liability for fault accident. You can buy this franchise thanks to the option Damage waiver.

More info in our Tips and Tricks page.

Take your ID and driving license of all drivers.
If you are planning a deposit by credit card imprint, make sure with your bank as possible.

Just take your clothes and linens, you do not need anything other (crockery and kitchen utensils are provided).

You can leave your car for free on our parking.