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Campervan Road-Trip across Corsica

Discover the most beautiful sites of Corsica in your campervan!

Watch the Île de Beauté from a new perspective during your road-trip in your campervan: go up and admire the panoramas and the stunning coastal landscapes. In Corsica, hikers, swimmers, relaxation lovers, museum adventurers or History aficionados will all find unique sites and have the best time discovering them. With its numerous facets and secrets, the island is perfect for a unique road-trip that will come alive in one of our campervans.

It is impossible to list all of the emblematic Corsican sites, but here is a selection of strolls and unavoidable places. It is then up to you to decide which ones you want to prioritize in order to build your journey on this mythical island. Don’t forget to get information on the numerous outings the island has to offer.

From the north of Bastia to the unavoidable Cap Corse

In your campervan, we are taking you north of Bastia and Saint-Florent: Cap Corse is the name of a peninsula with lots of treasures to be found. Between the coastal trails and its uniquely charming heritage, this area of Corsica is both welcoming and exotic. After a visit to Centuri, a fishing village, we recommend you to take a quick detour through Nonza, a city that was listed as an area of ecological interest thanks to its Genoese tower and its beach close to an old asbestos quarry.


To start your adventure with your campervan, head to the city of Bastia, to discover its Vieux Port (the old harbour). In this area, you will be able to have a taste of local specialties: enjoy a good glass of wine in a wine bar, or try one of the typical restaurants of the city!

Lovers of the French heritage, you are sure to find something for you: admire the Saint-Nicolas square, its palm and plane trees and its statue of Napoleon , one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. If you are more of a party kind of person, Port Toga will be your favourite destination. And if you are more into cultural outings, go to the Citadelle, in which you will be able to visit the Museum of Bastia. Take advantage of your fully equipped camper van in order to stop in the places you like most, and get to know the secrets of this city, its growth and its architecture.

If you want to park your campervan in Bastia for the night, check our Blacksheep Van app, it will let you know about all the cool spots to rest for the night.

road trip en corse en campervan


During your road-trip, you will have to go through Saint-Florent, the city that is commonly called the “Corsican Saint Tropez”. On the coast, you will come across an exceptional view on the Saint-Florent gulf and the sea. Hikers know the city very well, because the “sentier des douaniers” crosses it and is followed to reach the Agriates coast. For the party people, do not worry as you will find what you are looking for at the Porto Latino Festival, that is held every summer.

There, you will come across several monuments: the citadel, the Mortella tower or the Fornali tower that are all symbols of this charming city. Carry your adventure on in the north of Saint-Florent and make sure to not miss Patrimonio, a city that has a lot of surprises in store for you. Every year, it welcomes the “Nuits de la guitare”, where great names of rock music perform. Enjoy the sunset from the top bed of your VW California.


Carry on your adventure, and head to Calvi, a city at the center of the gulf of the same name. If you want to escape completely and enjoy the pure beauty of nature, the Revelatta peninsula is strongly advised. You will be able to find a lighthouse, and to wander on some hiking paths.

History lovers can gather up in the ghost village of Occi, an abandoned village that will leave you fascinated. After exploring the city center, its citadel, paved streets and festive banks, do not forget to check out Notre Dame de la Serra, to enjoy an exceptional view over Calvi.

road trip en corse - calvi

Crédit photo : Hellolaroux

L’Île Rousse

Continue your road-trip by heading in front of Pietra island. The city of Île Rousse has an incredible historical heritage. The indoor market for example, is a listed monument that was just restored to find back its original colours. There is also the Scalo tower, build during the 17th century and then called the Fabiani tower. Some traces of the agricultural past of Balagne are still visible, as you can admire the ruins of a windmill built in 1803.

Climb back into your campervan Blacksheep and go for a swim or get your tan on, as the coastline has a lot of beautiful beaches to offer : the Marine of Davia or even Lozari, one of the biggest ones of the area.

Costa Verde and Cervione

North of the eastern coast, you can go through Cervione, the chestnut village! There, you will find the Monte Castellu, culminating at more than 1100 metres. By reaching a little closer from the sky, visitors savor the delights of an outstanding site, between sea and mountain.

On the cultural side, you have to know that you can find the Saint-François Franciscan convent, as well as the ethnographic museum, where many objects from ancient corsican civilisations have been collected over the years. The discovery of the Orezza water secrets is also a memorable moment for the visitors: where does this exceptional water, famous for its unique taste, come from?

If you fancy a dip in the sea, get back into your campervan and drive to Moriani beach, a little seaside resort that offers a lot of options for watersport lovers and thrill seekers.

road trip en corse- costa verde et cervione

Crédit photo : Hellolaroux

Costa Serena

While driving your campervan volkswagen, carry on with your road-trip by heading south on the eastern coastline of the island. Costa Serena is a territory known for its natural and cultural treasures. From visiting Ania di Fiumorbu to the reserve of Casabianda that gathers 100 turtle and bird species, many different experiences are available to you.

For the gourmet in here, stop at the Diana, Urbinu and Palo ponds. These natural and preserved sites were chosen by many oyster farmers who produce fresh mussels and oysters that you will be able to taste!

In order to know more of the local history, drive to Aleria and visit the antic city as well as the museum of Fort de Matra that traces the history of Corsica when it was ruled by Genoa.


Crédit photo : Hellolaroux

Ajaccio and the west coast: for unique natural sites

We are now taking you to the Northern part of the west coast, where many little villages will tell you their stories: Tiuccia and its coves, Sagone and its atmosphere between sea and land, Cargèse at 100 metres high, Piana, listed one of the most beautiful villages of France, etc.

Many remarkable sites can be seen on the territory: Porto gulf or Capo Rosso, both listed as UNESCO  World Heritage sites. If you still have some time left, don’t miss the “calanques” (rocky creeks) of Piana, that you will be able to explore through a hike or with your van!


Want to shake things up a bit and go for a spot of shopping, stroll around the streets or enjoy a drink sitting at a terrace? Burning Ajaccio is ready to welcome you! With its Diamant square and its cafés, Fesch street and its shops, it is a step in your road-trip that you should really not miss.

In the area, you will find many unique natural sites: the Richiusa canyons, the Bracca and Tolla lakes, or the Lava gulf. If you want to have a true taste of the local culture, get back into your campervan and head to the Napoléon Bonaparte museum, or to the Ajaccio market.

Finally, you cannot explore the west coast without exploring the Sanguinaire Islands. This Natura 2000 site is made of 4 small islands on which you can meet rare bird specias: the yellow-legged gull or the puffin.

Grand Valinco, seaside resorts and peaceful villages

Head to the Grand Valinco area, where you will come across many coastal resorts and emblematic sites, between land and sea, mountain and seaboard. If you are disturbed by the touristic fervor of Propriano and you fancy something more peaceful, go for Sartène, a village that is famous for its strong identity and its breathtaking panoramas.

The South, an enchanting territory!


Head now to the very south end of Corsica. Bonifacio is a little paradise famous for its limestone cliffs. In your campervan, drive to the Pertusato lighthouse and discover the city in a new way. You are free to choose your favourite places, from the crystal clear waters of “Petit Sperone” to the tranquility of Tonnara. Rondinara bay is also a must-see, and is often listed as one of the most beautiful beaches of Europe.


Climb back onboard your campervan and drive to Porto-Vecchio which is one of the most famous cities of Corsica. In the “salt town” you will be able to see salt marsh, a rare sight in the region. Night owls will appreciate the fact that most shops and restaurants there close quite late in the night.

If you want to go for a swim, you should know that bathers often flood the beaches if Palombaggia, Santa Giulia or San Benedettu (this last one is more quaint). To enjoy a great family moment during your road-trip, go explore the Cavu river and the numerous creeks around it: you will see stunning landscapes (Cala Rossa, Saint-Cyprien).

Explore the inlands in Corte

To end your adventure, immerse yourself in the core of Corsica and its surroundings. This city was once the capital of the region, and it has kept this dynamic, especially thanks to its flowing student life all year long. If the sea is not present here, the is still quite a number of natural sites to explore. Amongst them, be sure to check out the Niolu, a regional corsican natural park. Hikers will be pleased to know that the unavoidable GR20 is nearby. With the Monte San Petrone culminating at 1767 metres, the Castagniccia is once again a great alternative to discover new sights… or enjoy the local gastronomy, as you are in the country of chestnuts.

After exploring Corsica in every detail, it is time to head back to the Blacksheep Van agency, where you can happily drop your van off!

For your road-trip in Corsica, be sure to leave from one of our two Blacksheep-Van corsican agencies : Bastia or Ajaccio.

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